• Nikon d810 camera
  • Zeiss 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and 135mm lenses
  • Nikon 24-120mm f4 & Nikon 300mm f4 pf
  • Lee Filters ND 3 stop, ND 10 stop and 2 stop gradient sharp transition
  • Remote trigger
  • Really right stuff tripod
  • F-stop backpack

Viktor Andersson

I started with photography when I was about 16. In the beginning I was mostly into sports since I love snowboarding and biking. Unfortunately this made me lose my interest in photography for a while. Combining two hobbies made me always have to choose what to do which in the end wasn't a good mix. Later I worked in a studio where I learned a lot. This ended up in an boost of interest but a lot of work made me take some time off to go snowboarding.

But now, almost 10 years later I find myself enjoying it again. I mostly focus on landscape photography but tend to go in other directions to. I am quite interested in the technical part of photography so I like to use a digital camera in the way you did with old dslr film camera. This includes tripod, filters and other things to create the photo as much as possible before using Capture One to finalize it.

Right now I have been living in Switzerland since 2008, I was born and raised in Sweden and do visit Sweden on a steady basis. This is a great combination since they are so different in what you find. Sweden is flat, low light, cold and colorful. Switzerland offer great scenery with it´s huge mountains and also probably the best architecture you will find. So that is helps a lot to be able change environment from time to time and it also keeps me more interested in taking new and better photos.